"Stop looking around for peace, and BE THE PEACE that they are searching for"

WHO ARE YOU?  My name is Cathy, and I am the founder of “La Zen Vie.” I have a Bachelors of Science in Nursing and am a fitness instructor mainly focused in barre as of right now.

WHY DID YOU START THIS BLOG PAGE?  I formerly started this blog to be like everybody else and share my journey, love of fitness, beauty tricks, and more all while living “La Zen Vie” or “The Zen Life.” (2018)

Since launching this site, my vision for the site and future of the name has changed. I hope this site encourages people to not only live their authentic life but to create a community of people who are aspiring to create a positive change within themselves and others around them.

WHAT DOES "LA ZEN VIE" MEAN?  The name "La Zen Vie" was inspired by the song "La Vie En Rose." It literally translates into "The Zen Life."  The Zen Life can be interpreted in many different way. For me, I believe that taking the time to invest in yourself is important for your mental and physical health.  And this means reminding yourself of what your passions are in life, to be present, and find balance.  Sometimes, because we get caught up with what is the next step we forget to enjoy what is right in front of us. Whether living YOUR zen life means meditating, drawing, taking pictures, making music, or working out, we all are capable of living "La Zen Vie."

WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT FOR YOU TO SHARE? I think because when I first started this; I was living a fast paced city life. I needed to remind myself and I wanted to help remind others that it's ok to slow down and take a minute or two to hit the pause button.  In a culture that is so fixated on making the next move and always being relevant, I think we need to change that mindset to just be mindful. Sometimes, it’s ok to step away from the chaos, take a few minutes for yourself and breathe.  You know how in the beginning of a flight, the attendant goes through the safety instructions and he/she says to place the oxygen mask on yourself first before helping others around you? Well, that’s the same thing here, how can we help others if we can’t help ourselves?

WHAT IS YOUR INTENTION?  My career choices really brought out the teacher in me. As a nurse I am constantly providing education to my patients on their well being and as a fitness instructor I not only get to educate my clients, but motivate them to live their best life.  Informing people about their wellness has lead me to aspire to inspire those around me.  I not only intend to share health/wellness, self care, travel, and beauty tips, but remind everybody to stop looking around for peace, and be the peace that they are looking for.

We all have it in us, it just takes some deep digging and soul searching to remind ourselves of what our purpose is.  Come follow me on this journey. 

And together we can live "La Zen Vie."